Estanyol Rural. Cottage in the center of the province of Girona.


Mas Grau, a manor house with a lot of history

If you’re someone who loves finding out about all the interesting details and curiosities of the places you visit, you’ll be glad to know that Mas Grau has a long history for you to discover.

If you are staying at this spectacular fortified farmhouse, you might like to know that it was originally built in the 17th century and is now protected as a ‘cultural asset of local interest’. It is formed by an ensemble of buildings that have been extended and refurbished over different periods of time.

The origins of the farmhouse date from the medieval period and the house took advantage of the prevailing structure, the fort of the County of Cabrera. In 1425 an earthquake which devastated the area took place – including the structure of the church in the municipality, which was not restored until three centuries later. Nevertheless, the fort survived the earthquake and part of it still stands today. At the beginning of the 17th century, the farmhouse was built, taking advantage of the former structure. In 1980, the ancestral house was restored by an architect from Girona, Joan M. Ribot.

Nowadays, the history of Mas Grau continues to grow and you are welcome to become part of this new chapter.